CNN Sues President Trump for Pulling Jim Acosta's White House Press Pass

Jim Acosta & CNN

We’re Suing Trump

Over Yanked WH Press Pass

11/13/2018 9:11 AM PST

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President Trump can’t take his CNN grudge out on Jim Acosta by yanking his White House Press Pass … at least that’s what CNN is asserting in a new lawsuit.

CNN and Acosta are taking the extraordinary step to sue POTUS over last week’s fiery showdown during a news conference. According to the suit, CNN believes Trump violated its First Amendment right by revoking Acosta’s “hard pass” … thereby hampering his ability to cover the White House.

In the suit, they say Trump and Sarah Sanders are hiding behind the flimsy argument Acosta accosted an intern who was trying to grab his microphone. They point out the video Sanders posted was apparently doctored … and assert the “sole justification” for the Administration pulling Acosta’s pass is “their dislike for [CNN and Acosta]’s coverage” of Trump.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Trump also violated CNN’s 5th Amendment due process rights because Acosta wasn’t informed ahead of time his credential was revoked.

In fact, Jim posted video of the Secret Service agent confiscating his press pass. The lawsuit — filed against Trump, Sanders and Chief of Staff Gen. — seeks to get Acosta’s pass returned, stat. 

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