Courtney Stodden Does Melania Trump for Halloween, Accent and All

Melania Trump

As Presented by Courtney Stodden

(Sorry, Slovenia)

10/26/2017 7:22 AM PDT

Here’s a scary thought — “Ladies and gentlemen, please stand for First Lady Courtney Stodden.”

Yes, Melania Trump just got Stodden’d. The wannabe Hollywood starlet slipped into a wig, false eyelashes and a heavy, heavy accent for Halloween. Now, this is gonna hurt a bit … but truth is, she kinda did a bang-up job.

Some people, like maybe President Trump, might be offended by Stodden’s take on Melania’s accent — but c’mon … Courtney’s done worse. Much worse.

No matter how ya slice it, this is a clear upgrade.

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