Curt Schilling — I'd Be In Hall of Fame Already … If I Was Anti-Trump (VIDEO)

1/2/2017 12:55 AM PST


Curt Schilling says his outspoken political views are keeping him OUT of the Baseball Hall of Fame … telling TMZ Sports, “If I had said ‘Lynch Trump,’ I’d be getting in with about 90% of the vote.”

Schilling says he’s well aware he’s rubbed most of the H.O.F. voters the wrong way with his anti-Obama political views … and the inflammatory social media posts haven’t helped his cause. 

FYI, Schilling was a stud for 20 YEARS — winning 3 World Series titles with an 11-2 postseason record and a 2.23 ERA. Plus, more than 3,000 career strikeouts. 

The case for Schilling is strong … but the ex-MLB star says he ain’t sweatin’ it because at the end of the day, “Life’s not fair.”

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