Don Lemon Asked What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface in the Past

Don Lemon

What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface

2/9/2019 7:34 AM PST


Don Lemon IS GOOD at comebacks … and it’s never been clearer than with this video.

We got Don at LAX Friday and asked about the blackface scandals in Virginia … specifically, whether people should be punished for what they do when they were much younger.

Don says there’s a special carve-out for political leaders, which then leads to the hypothetical … what should happen if the 2020 Democratic nominee for President is killing Trump in the polls, but 2 weeks before the election it comes out he/she wore blackface in his/her 20’s? Don handles it deftly, for sure.

And, then there’s this … should we elect a woman if only because their pasts seem less sketchy? Don does not disappoint!

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