Donald Trump Jr. Reports for Jury Duty

Donald Trump Jr.

Called into Court

… For Jury Duty

2/28/2018 10:12 AM PST

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Donald Trump Jr. is facing a Manhattan judge … he showed up for jury duty Wednesday, and there’s a chance — slim, we think — he could be selected to serve as a juror.

President Trump‘s oldest reported to the New York County Criminal Court building — and it was pretty obvious someone in the First Family was there. Secret Service is swarming around the building, and there’s a huge line to enter the courthouse … most likely due to increased security with a Trump in the house.

We called his office, and we were told he’s “happy to be there.”

According to the NY Post … Junior was selected for a jury panel, along with about 80 other potential jurors, in an attempted robbery case.

Still seems like a long shot prosecutors or the defense would select Junior for the jury … especially if the defendant is Russian.

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