Doug Christie Would Never Return to N. Korea, Unless …

Doug Christie

I’d Never Return to N. Korea

Unless …

6/18/2018 6:17 AM PDT


Doug Christie — one of the players on Dennis Rodman‘s ’14 basketball trip to North Korea — says there’s NO WAY he’d return … unless LeBron James was involved. 

Christie — along with Kenny Anderson, Vin Baker and other ex-NBA stars — famously traveled to Pyongyang to play an exhibition game for Kim Jong-un. They called it “basketball diplomacy.”

But, Christie tells us the trip wasn’t exactly peaches and cream — saying, “I kissed the ground when I got back.”

Doug tells TMZ Sports he does believe the trip helped lay the groundwork for Donald Trump to meet with Kim Jong-un, which he believes is a positive thing … and he’s praising Rodman for his role. 

“I love Dennis. He’s a good dude. He has a really good heart.”

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