'Frozen' Actor Timothy Hughes Snatches Trump 2020 Banner During Curtain Call

Timothy Hughes

Keep Your Politics Off Broadway!!!

9/6/2018 9:06 AM PDT

If you bring pro-Trump banners to Broadway musicals, prepare for them to be snatched away by the cast — or as the cast of “Frozen” might say … “Let it go!!!”

Actor Timothy Hughes was shocked to see a Trump 2020 banner in the front row at Wednesday’s performance of Disney’s “Frozen” … so he grabbed it from the audience member, and threw it off stage during the curtain call. 

Timothy quickly decides to make a move once he notices the banner, then goes right back to bowing after disposing of the unwanted advertisement. 

Timothy went off about the incident on his IG, saying it’s “frightening” to think the show’s message of love, acceptance and diversity has become opposition to supporting Trump.

Timothy has no plans to apologize and calls the person who brought the banner “disrespectful” and “pathetic.”

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