JFK Items Hit Auction Block Ahead of Assassination Anniversary


Personal Items Hit Auction Block …

Ahead of Assassination Anniversary

10/26/2018 2:40 PM PDT

Exclusive Details

John F. Kennedy fans can hit the jackpot with tons of personal items belonging to the famous Prez … assuming they have a small fortune to spare.

The guys over at RR Auction have a bunch of JFK’s stuff including his Harvard cardigan sweater and assassination-related items … like an original window sash from the Texas School Book Depository and a Lee Harvey Oswald handwritten letter.

JFK’s sweater is expected to fetch upwards of $30k. The window sash could go for $25k. It has its original glass and dark green paint just as it did on November 22, 1963 … the day Oswald opened fire from the book depository, killing President Kennedy.

Oswald’s one-page, handwritten letter was addressed to his mother … but intended for his wife. It’s one of the items for more frugal bidders … expected to go for a paltry $6,500.

Check out the pics … there’s also Kennedy’s Commander-in-Chief bomber jacket ($150k) and a Fidel Castro-signed Bay of Pigs map ($50k). Bidding for the online auction ends Nov. 7.

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