Mark Ruffalo Begs Reince Preibus, Smash Trump Administration … Like Hulk Would

Mark Ruffalo

Hulk Want Reince to Smash Trump Admin!!!

7/31/2017 7:42 AM PDT


Mark Ruffalo has something in common with Reince Preibus … and he’s hoping it’s enough to convince the ex-White House Chief of Staff to take down President Trump.

Mark proudly told us Sunday at LAX, he and Reince are both Kenosha, Wisconsin boys. That was the launching point for his pitch — begging Preibus to spill as much damaging info as possible on his former boss.

The ‘Avengers’ star’s not trying to hide it … he has an agenda, and strongly believes Preibus can help get the job done. As for how the Hulk would handle a sit-down with the Prez? Mark essentially had one word: SMASH!!

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