Mob Descends on Tucker Carlson's D.C. Home, Wife Calls Cops

Tucker Carlson

Mob Descends on D.C. Home …

Wife Calls Cops

11/8/2018 6:44 AM PST

Exclusive Details

FOX News Channel’s Tucker Carlson‘s home came under siege Wednesday night while he was at work, as his wife was left alone to fend for herself. 

Tucker’s wife, Susie, called cops around 6:30 PM ET to report a mob that had formed outside the Carlson home in D.C. Several people in the crowd started banging on the front door.

According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, the mob was chanting loudly with a bullhorn. Susie retreated to a rear room in the house and dialed 9-1-1. When police arrived, cops say they found around 20 people who had sprayed an anarchy symbol on the driveway.

Video obtained from outside the home shows the group chanting “Racist scum bag, leave town.” The group has reportedly been identified as an Antifa-affiliated group called Smash Racism, D.C.

Aside from the anarchy symbol, cops say they also found multiple signs posted on cars in Tucker’s driveway and front door that made reference to his political affiliation — Republican.

Tucker was not home at the time of the incident … it’s unclear if his and Susie’s 4 children were home. He recently said he avoids eating out because he doesn’t want people confronting him.

We’ve seen quite a lot of that lately within the GOP … from McConnell to Senator Cruz, and others.

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