Montel Williams Says Trump Ending DACA is Race Play For Whites

Montel Williams

Trump Ending DACA

Is Just a Race Play for Whites!

9/5/2017 3:24 PM PDT


Montel Williams thinks the real reason President Trump decided to end DACA is purely about hate and keeping white folks on top.

We got the ex-talk show host Tuesday in NYC — soon after Trump announced he intends to repeal DACA — and he sees it as a racially motivated move that will actually do significant financial damage to the country.

Montel says those 800k or so Dreamers who could be deported will leave a major void — but as long as it prevents America’s “rainbow” from getting too colorful … the Prez doesn’t care. 

Haven’t seen Montel this intense since … well, the last time 45 made a controversial decision

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