NY Congressman Backs Enes Kanter, 'Erdogan Is a Dangerous Person'

NY Congressman

Backs Enes Kanter

‘Erdogan Is a Dangerous Person’

1/9/2019 2:40 PM PST


Turkey president Recep Erdogan is a dangerous person and NY Knicks player Enes Kanter sounds justified in fearing for his life … so says U.S. Congressman Peter King

Remember, Kanter just backed out of an upcoming team trip to the U.K. because he believes Erdogan has access to assassins in England who would “easily” kill him for his constant criticism of the regime. 

Kanter — who’s been labeled a terrorist in his home country — has repeatedly called Erdogan as the Hitler of our generation. 

The criticism has pissed off fellow Turkish NBA player Hedo Turkoglu who blasted Kanter in the media … saying Enes is spreading false information to damage Erdogan.  

So, when we saw Rep. King [R-NY] out in D.C. we asked if he thinks Kanter’s fears are legit. 

“I do know that Erdogan runs a police state, that he’s capable of violence,” King told us.

“And, if a player for the Knicks or any person here working in the U.S. thinks there’s a real threat to his life, I can understand why he wouldn’t wanna go over.”

King notes that Erdogan is a “dangerous person” — and “based on what goes on in Turkey, I can understand Kanter’s position.”

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