Omarosa Back in Washington D.C. and in No Mood to Talk


I’m Back in D.C. …

No Questions, Please!!!

12/14/2017 3:55 PM PST


Omarosa has returned to Washington D.C. and, for once, she’s trying to keep a very low profile … and succeeding!

Nearly 48 hours after her exit from the White House … Omarosa was back inside the Beltway. We spotted her right after she landed at Reagan National around 5:30 PM ET, but as soon as she saw us … she bolted. Literally.

She made the most of her winter coat, bundling up and concealing her face — and that was before she stepped outside. Seems Omarosa’s trying to avoid questions about President Trump, or what happened Tuesday night at the White House.

As we reported, she’d love to score a new government gig. CIA, check out these covert moves.

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