Ronda Rousey Vows to Return to Front Lines of DAPL … 'Face Pepper Spray' (VIDEO)

1/25/2017 12:20 PM PST


Ronda Rousey told the anti-Dakota Access Pipeline activists at Standing Rock that she WOULD return to the front lines of the protest and “get pepper sprayed alongside everyone else.”

We spoke with Linda Black Elk — one of the leaders of the activist group — who praised Ronda for visiting the protest camps in North Dakota last week and delivering much needed food and supplies.

“She’s an incredible person and just so humble,” Black Elk said … noting Ronda’s visit was an incredible “moral booster” to the people fighting against the 1,000 mile oil pipeline. 


Black Elk says Ronda mentioned that she “still felt like a disappointment” after her loss to Amanda Nunes at UFC 207 and that “everyone was upset with her.”

Linda says she told Rousey that she’s just the opposite – “It was very important for me to let her know just how important she is for the Native community in particular.”

No word on when Rousey plans to return — but it’s clear she’ll be welcomed back with open arms. 



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