Stormy Daniels Lets Strip Club Fans Get Up Close and Personal

Stormy Daniels

Motorboatin’ Is Great Again …

Trump Can’t Stop This!!!

3/12/2018 1:37 PM PDT


Stormy Daniels isn’t about to let President Trump stop her mission to make America horny again … just ask the guy who was nearly suffocated this weekend by the ex-porn star’s boobs. 

We got this video of Stormy’s appearance at Solid Gold strip club in Pompano Beach, FL — where she pulled some classic stripper moves, including letting one customer motorboat her chest. Far as we can tell … the older gentleman survived the encounter.

Trump’s nemesis was completely nude during her appearance, although she made a solid attempt at completely covering her chest with the cash fans threw onstage. 

Stormy’s still fighting to get her “hush” agreement with the Prez tossed, so she can open up … with a “60 Minutes” interview she’s already shot with Anderson Cooper. She could also score a book deal. 

For now, she’s staying abreast of the strip club biz … and making a killing.  

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