UCLA Women's Soccer Players Continue Kneeling Protest, 2nd Season In a Row

UCLA Women’s Soccer Players

Continue Kneeling Protest

… 2nd Season In a Row

9/14/2018 7:52 AM PDT

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Two UCLA women’s soccer players took a knee during the national anthem before their game Thursday … and the school tells TMZ Sports its coach is still fully in support of their protests.

Defenders Kennedy Faulknor and Kaiya McCullough – along with 2 others on the sideline — dropped to a knee at midfield during the song ahead of their clash with LMU. The pic was captured by Fred J. Robledo

The women have been demonstrating since last season — and clearly haven’t been dissuaded by the constant attacks on kneelers by people like President Donald Trump, who has constantly called for harsh penalties on those who don’t stand for the anthem. 

But, UCLA head coach Amanda Cromwell has publicly supported the players from the jump. 

“It’s about supporting the cause of racial justice and equality in the world,” the coach said to the Pac-12 Networks last fall.

“I love that our team is socially active. We’re politically active and we support them across the board.”

You’ll remember, Colin Kaepernick started the movement back in 2016 — but the Bruins joined in the protest shortly after Donald Trump called the kneeling NFLers “sons of bitches” in 2017.

FYI … UCLA is an Under Armour school, but it’s clear its players are still riding with the Nike-backed Kaep — especially after Trump blasted Colin yet again earlier this month.

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