Waka Flocka Wants St. Louis DJ Who Called Him 'N***er' Off the Air, Or Else … (VIDEOS + AUDIO)

2/12/2017 1:00 AM PST


Waka Flocka is ready to take matters into his own hands if the St. Louis radio personality who called him a “greasy n****r” on the air doesn’t lose his job.

Waka dropped a blistering rant when we asked him about Bob Romanik — or as he calls him, that “disgrace to white America.” Romanik fired the first shot last month … when he repeatedly called Waka the n-word.

Romanik, who works for KQQZ 1190 AM, was blasting Waka for wiping his ass with a Trump jersey during a concert. He has yet to be suspended or fined for the comments. Waka tells us he can’t believe it’s cool for Romanik to use that kind of language without any consequences — but told us he has his own plan to deal with that “white cracker.”

As for the whole Trump jersey incident — Waka says it was taken out of context. Not that he’s a fan of the prez.

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