Aaron Sorkin Questions Babe Ruth's Career Because Of Segregation

Aaron Sorkin

Babe Ruth Asterisk?

‘Only Faced White Pitchers’

7/16/2018 12:30 AM PDT


Here’s some real talk featuring Hollywood super heavyweight Aaron Sorkin … a die-hard Yankee fan who’s doing the unthinkable … questioning the legitimacy of the career of BABE RUTH.

Yeah, he did it.

We got Sorkin out at Crag’s and asked him if the current Yankees home run hitting tear should come with an asterisk … because the new Yankee stadium has short fences in places.

That’s when it happened.

“If there’s no asterisk next to Babe Ruth for only facing white pitchers, then there can’t be any asterisk on the Yankees.”

It’s a point that’s been raised before, basically stating that segregation meant that Babe Ruth never faced the VERY best competition, because some of that competition was black.

Hope Sorkin’s meal was as hot as that take.

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