Alberto Del Rio Says MMA Comeback Isn't a Publicity Stunt, I'm Here to Kick Ass!

Alberto Del Rio

MMA Comeback’s No Publicity Stunt

… I’m Here to Kick Ass!!

10/21/2018 12:30 AM PDT


If you thought Alberto Del Rio was getting back in the cage for clout … THINK AGAIN!!! ‘Cause the ex-WWE superstar tells TMZ Sports he’s ready to whoop some serious ass in his MMA comeback!!

The 41-year-old announced his decision to return to MMA for Combate Americas earlier this month … and he’s eyeing a fight in 2019.

ICYMI — ADR had been in the news for other reasons over the past year — he had a very public breakup with Paige and was investigated for domestic violence after an airport incident (he was cleared of any wrongdoing).

Alberto says he’s been humbled by those incidents … and that’s what got him back in the gym training like a madman.

“For the first time after 19 years, I started doing some sparring with my boxing coach, with my jiu-jitsu coach and I was like, ‘damn, I think I can do this again.'”

Del Rio says he even questioned if he’d be able to compete on a professional level again … but he’s not giving up for good reason.

“I’m doing this for the right reasons, to prove something to myself. To prove me that I’m back. To prove me that I still have it. To prove to my children that Dad is a f***ing superhero!!”

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