Barstool Founder Threatens NFL, You Jacked Our Slogan!

Barstool President

‘We’ve Got NFL By the Balls’

… You Jacked Our Slogan!


Saturdays are for the boys … if you ask Barstool Sports. 

Sundays are for the boys … if you ask the NFL. 

And Tuesdays are for legal threats … because Barstool is now declaring war on the NFL for allegedly jacking their trademark slogan.

Here’s the deal … Barstool (the super popular sports blog) has been selling “SAFTB” gear for years. In fact, BS President Dave Portnoy tells TMZ Sports they have a trademark on the slogan.


So, Portnoy and his Barstool team were shocked when they saw the NFL selling “Sundays Are For The Boys” shirts on the website … the official online store of the NFL. 

Portnoy — who considers NFL Commish Roger Goodell a “sworn enemy” — tells us he’s already gearing up to file a lawsuit unless the NFL pulls the shirts from the shop immediately. 

El Presidente says the league stepped into a “bear trap” and it should be no-brainer for the league to wave the white flag because “we got ’em by the balls.”

We reached out to the NFL for comment — so far, no word back. 

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