Ben Simmons and Tristan Thompson Bro Out at Lambo Dealership

Ben Simmons & Tristan Thompson

Lam-broing Out …

at Luxury Car Dealership

6/12/2019 12:10 AM PDT


What do 2 millionaire ex-Kardashian friends do together on a random Thursday afternoon?? They go check out expensive luxury cars together!!

NBA starsΒ Ben Simmons and Tristan Thompson hit up the Lamborghini dealership in Beverly Hills recently … and it just goes to show that even though they’re no longer with the Kardashians, they still got time for each other.

Of course, TT and Khloe went through a nasty breakup after the whole Jordyn Woods drama … and Kendall Jenner and BS just cut things off for good last month.

But, these guys were bros way before dating KarJenners … they’re both Klutch athletes and have been hanging out in the same circles for years.

We’re told the duo looked at cars for about an hour before driving off in Ben’s Ferrari … so it’s unclear if they found anything they liked.

After all … the dude REALLY loves Ferraris.

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