Canelo Alvarez Gets Steroid-Free Meat Offer From San Diego Butcher

S.D. Butchers To Canelo:

We Got Big Meat For You

With No Steroids!

3/17/2018 12:25 AM PDT


Canelo Alvarez‘s meat problems could be over — a San Diego butcher shop is vowing to provide free, CLEAN meat to the middleweight champ for the rest of his training camp.

Alvarez recently tested positive for traces of Clenbuterol — a banned performance-enhancing drug —  and he blamed the whole thing on tainted Mexican beef

Canelo says he immediately moved his training camp from Mexico to the U.S. — and he’s already got a butcher shop near his training base in S.D. down to hook him up with roid-free beef. 

“This really seems like a case where contaminated, factory farmed meats almost cost someone a monumental event in their life,” Heart & Trotter owner, Trey Nichols, tells TMZ Sports

“We are happy to offer clean, locally raised and sustainably-sourced meats that will not only be free of chemicals, hormones and antibiotics, but will help Canelo Alvarez reach his peak performance during training.”

Nichols says the butcher shop has previously supplied clean meat to the Lakers and Chargers … so teaming up with Canelo to preserve the May 5 showdown with GGG is a no-brainer.

Canelo, take the help, bro. These cows ain’t loyal.

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