Caroline Wozniacki to Rory McIlroy: We Broke Up 3 Years Ago … GET OVER IT!

1/20/2017 7:10 AM PST

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0120-rory-caroline-getty-4Caroline Wozniacki is firing back at Rory McIlroy after the golf star trashed her in an interview … telling her ex-fiance simply … MOVE ON WITH YOUR LIFE ALREADY! 

Earlier this week, McIlroy gave told an Irish news outlet dating a celebrity like Caroline sucked — insinuating the relationship was chock full of “bulls**t” and delusion. 

Well, Caroline says she heard about the article and commented after a match at the Australian Open. 

“I saw it alright, but I do not really have anything to say. Was I surprised? Yes.”

She added, “It’s a little dead by now. It is three years ago, so I don’t understand why he keeps bringing it up. I don’t think there is any reason to.”

“He looks like he is a good place in his life, so he surely he must move on.”

Yeah, you’d think … 

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