Clemson Football at White House, Trump Honoring NCAA Champs

Clemson Tigers

Arrive at White House

Trump Honoring NCAA Champs

6/12/2017 11:06 AM PDT

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Big day for the 2016 Clemson Tigers football team — the National Champs just drove up to the White House to be honored by President Donald Trump. 

It’s a White House tradition … you win a major sports title, you get honored by the Prez. All of the returning Clemson players are expected to attend.

And get this, Deshaun Watson and Carlos Watkins (who just got drafted by the Texans) will also be there thanks to Houston owner Bob McNair, who personally flew the rookies to D.C. for the ceremony.

What’s also cool … the Secret Service agent who greeted the team is ex-Tigers WR Kevin Youngblood — who played for Clemson in the early 2000’s (and had a short stint in the NFL) before dedicating his life to protecting POTUS. 

Trump is expected to begin the ceremony at 12 PM PT — we’ll be live streaming the whole thing. 

Stay tuned. 

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