Colin Kaepernick Praises Kenny Stills for Taking a Knee

Colin Kaepernick

Praises Kenny Stills

… For Taking a Knee

8/10/2018 6:10 AM PDT

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Trump hated it … but, Colin Kaepernick had nothing but love for Kenny Stills and other NFL players who demonstrated during the national anthem on Thursday night. 

Stills — along with his Miami Dolphins teammate, Albert Wilson — took a knee before their preseason game against the Bucs on Thursday night. Kaep was watching and approved.  

“My brother [Kenny Stills] continued his protest of systemic oppression tonight by taking a knee,” Kaep wrote. 

“Albert Wilson joined him in protest. Stay strong brothers!”

Kaep added this note about Stills — “[He] was awarded the Miami Dolphins’ community service awards the last two years. He participates in a number of youth organizations and was a team captain last year.”

As we reported, Donald Trump hated the protest — and railed against the players on Twitter, calling the league to suspend them. 

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