Cristiano Ronaldo Checks Bloody Face with Phone After Head Injury

Cristiano Ronaldo

No, Not the Face …

Not the Face!!!!

1/21/2018 12:13 PM PST

Cristiano Ronaldo faced off with a cleat and won a goal, but lost some skin in the process — which seemed to piss him off after a quick mirror check on the nearest phone possible.

The Real Madrid striker suffered a nasty injury Sunday in the final few minutes of his team’s match against Deportivo — going in for a header, scoring … but walking away with a bloody face from a cut near his eye.

As he walked off the pitch, Ronaldo used a team medic’s phone to check out the damage to his second crown jewel (feet first, of course) — and couldn’t help but look annoyed AF. 

He certainly paid the price for Real Madrid’s 6-1 lead in the 84th minute. But hey, the goal itself looked pretty sick from our POV … for whatever that’s worth. 

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