Darrelle Revis' Ex-Teammate — 'That's Definitely Not Revis' Voice' (Video)

2/20/2017 4:32 PM PST


At least TWO of Darrelle Revis‘ teammates are adamant the voice bragging about knocking out two people in Pittsburgh is NOT the NFL star.

TMZ Sports spoke with Brandon Browner — who won a Super Bowl with Revis with the Patriots in 2014. 

Browner says he watched the video from the aftermath of the Revis incident and says, “I know for a fact that voice that I heard is not Darrelle Revis.”

He also points out that Revis’ current NY Jets teammate Brandon Marshall feels the same way. 

For his part, Revis has denied K.O.’ing the two men and his lawyers say they look forward to proving his innocence in court.

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