Dennis Rodman DUI: Swerving & Blaring Music, Cops Say

Dennis Rodman DUI

Swerving & Blaring Music

… Cops Say

1/16/2018 11:12 AM PST


Dennis Rodman wasn’t exactly going incognito before his DUI arrest — with cops saying he was driving like a maniac and blaring music from his car before being pulled over. 

TMZ Sports obtained the police report from the Jan. 13 incident — in which the Newport PD says Rodman was swerving all over the road around 10:50 PM. 

Once pulled over, cops say Rodman reeked of booze — so he was arrested for DUI

According to the arrest report, Rodman is listed at 6’8″ and 235 lbs (up from his listed playing weight of 228). He lists his occupation as “self-employed.”

As we previously reported, Rodman was on probation at the time of his arrest and will likely be thrown in jail as a result. 

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