Eli Manning Wants To Finish Career With NY Giants, Archie Manning Says

Eli Manning

Wants To Stay With NY Giants

… Archie Manning Says

11/9/2018 12:20 AM PST


As tough as it may be, Eli Manning NEVER wants to play for another team besides the New York Giants … his dad Archie Manning tells TMZ Sports.

“I know he doesn’t want to,” Archie told us at LAX … “Eli’s theory is kinda, ‘Go win a game.’ So, that’s kinda mine too. Hopefully, they can go win a game and win another game.”

The Giants have been struggling this season — and last season — they’re 4-20 in their last 24 games and even NFL legends like Terrell Owens have called for the org. to bench Eli and move on. 

But, Archie’s still optimistic — “I think they can win some games and get going in a good direction.”

We asked Archie if people should be pointing the finger at Eli … 

“A lot of people [are] on Eli and he’s the quarterback and that’s kinda the way it works.”

And, how long does Archie think 37-year-old Eli will play in the NFL?

“Eli, I always said a quarterback north of 35 can play, if he’s healthy, as long as his team’s good. Last couple of years we haven’t been that good, so hopefully, they can turn that around second half of the season.”

Our guy also asked … if the Giants can’t turn things around, what’s your advice to Eli?

“I’m sticking with Eli. Go win a game and don’t look beyond that.” He’s hanging tough and we’ll see what happens.”

The Giants take on the 49ers on Monday night. Archie will definitely be watching. 

“I do think they can win some games and get going in a good direction.”

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