Ex-Dolphins Coach Says He Used Cocaine '8-9 Straight Days' Before Snorting Video

Ex-Dolphins Coach

Used Cocaine 8-9 Straight Days

… Before Snorting Video

1/11/2018 11:57 AM PST

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The Miami Dolphins assistant coach caught blowing lines is coming clean on his addiction — admitting he was hooked on coke before his snorting video … and vowing to stay sober.

In an interview with NFL.com, Chris Foerster says he was introduced to cocaine in 2015 … and was using “eight or nine consecutive days” before filming the video he sent to Kijuana Nige — a woman Foerster met in September.

Kijuana released the video on Oct. 9 — forcing Foerster to resign from the Dolphins on the same day.

But the ex-coach says he’s glad he was forced to confront his demons … ’cause it led him to a 60-day intensive rehab program.

“I knew this s**t was out of control,” Foerster said. “It’s what I needed.”

Foerster says he hasn’t used since the video … and is open to making a return to coaching.  

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