Gilbert Arenas Jumps in Tamar Braxton War and Attacks Laura Govan, Vincent Herbert Over Pregnancy Rumors

Gilbert Arenas

Attacks Laura Govan

You’re a Ho and a Liar!!!

12/31/2017 7:49 AM PST

Gilbert Arenas has jumped into the Tamar Braxton/Laura Govan fray by calling out his baby mama for accusing him of starting false rumors Tamar’s husband got Laura pregnant.  You following this?

Gilbert lashed out at Govan by saying, “…my BM decides she wants to use me to clear her dirt up … you must have forgotten that ZI have all the court documents and in those court documents are ALL your bank records AND in those bank records ARE these little things called (wire transfers) and with wire transfers comes (senders) which either has they name or they bank account numbers from Jan 2015 through oct of 2016, I would have every person that sent you money … #hoe #hoe #hoe merry Christmas.” 

He goes on … “We might need tear down your vagina and build you a new vagina.”  In short, he’s accusing her of sleeping around for money. 

He says to Laura … “handle your situation without using me as your scapegoat.”

And Giblert goes after Tamar’s estranged husband  … “@thevincentherbert I don’t know who’s pregnant but if it’s my @BM RUN N**** RUN.  I know you cant run that fast big fella so get you a hover board/scooter or something and #georgejetson the f*** outta hear becauz she’s about to f*** yo whole life up.  She’s about to have you out her like (soulja boy in January) (tyrese in november).

At least it’s all clear now.

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