Gisele Fully Spaced Out … Hours Before Super Bowl (VIDEO + PHOTOS)

2/5/2017 12:12 PM PST


What do you do when your pre-Super Bowl anxiety hits out-of-this-world levels??

You take your fam to the Houston Space Center! 

That’s what Gisele did early Sunday morning — taking her daughter Vivian for a quick trip to the home of the largest moon rock collection on the planet … while her hubby Tom Brady preps for the Falcons. 

The supermodel explored replicas of the Apollo Lunar Module, Apollo 17 Command Module and more. Looks like she had a great time. 

As we know from previous Super Bowls, Gisele gets pretty intense when watching the games — so, we’re guessing the trip was an attempt to keep her mind distracted. 

Then again, Tom’s already been through the Super Bowl thing 6 times before … so, maybe they’re looking to buy a space shuttle??

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