James Comey Says LeBron James was His FBI Role Model

James Comey

LeBron Was His FBI Role Model

… Seriously

4/17/2018 6:07 AM PDT

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James Comey says he modeled his management of the FBI after LeBron James — and says he used the NBA superstar’s never-ending desire to win to motivate the organization. 

Yeah, he’s being 100% serious. 

Comey appeared on “Good Morning America” and said, “I admire LeBron James. I used to talk about him all over the FBI.”

“He illustrates what the endless pursuit of excellence looks like.”

Comey says he was incredibly impressed by how LeBron pushes himself every offseason — finding parts of his game to make better. 

During his run as FBI director, Comey says he would tell his staff to be more like LeBron … “We have to find parts of our game to make better.”

He also said (close your ears, Bulls fans) that LeBron is undoubtedly the best basketball player alive. 

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