James Harrison on Steelers, Mike Tomlin Deserves Blame Too

James Harrison

On Steelers Struggles

Mike Tomlin Deserves Blame Too

12/16/2018 12:45 AM PST


James Harrison says it ain’t just Big Ben and the Steelers’ D causing problems in Pittsburgh … ’cause the legendary LB tells TMZ Sports it’s time start pointing fingers at Mike Tomlin as well. 

“I think now, a lot of it has to be put on to what the game plan is — the coaching.”

Tomlin’s been Teflon in Pitt — the dude does have a Super Bowl ring — but a lot of people … including Terry Bradshaw himself … have grown tired of seein’ him as head man.

Doesn’t seem James is quite at that point yet — but the ex-Steeler does tell us the coaching DEFINITELY needs to improve if Pittsburgh wants to end its 3-game losing skid.

“Now it’s actually where you gotta kick it in — and EVERYBODY has to be held accountable. From the top down.”

Tomlin and the staff better get going quickly … the Steelers have Tom Brady and Bill Belichick this week.

Good luck!!

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