Jermaine Jones Says MLS is Weak Sauce, U.S. Players Should Go to Europe

Jermaine Jones

MLS is Weak Sauce

U.S. Players Need to Play in Europe

10/24/2017 10:24 AM PDT


Young American soccer players should STEER CLEAR of MLS — and take their talents to Europe to get World Cup ready … so says former Team USA star Jermaine Jones

With Team USA soccer in shambles — not even qualifying for the World Cup — we asked Jermaine for answers … and dude kept it real.

“I think that you have to battle with the best and the best play in Europe.”

FYI, Jones currently plays in MLS (LA Galaxy) — but started his career in Europe, where he grew up. Clearly, he thinks the European leagues are better suited to grow talent because they’re more competitive. 

The good news … Jones is pumped about Christian Pulisic — says he’s a great player — but there’s no doubt that missing the ’18 World Cup totally sucks for him. 

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