Johnny Manziel's Hot Fiancee Thongs Out In Miami

Johnny Manziel’s

Hot Fiancee Thongs Out In Miami

2/28/2018 2:30 PM PST

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Ain’t nuthin’ but a g-string baby … and Johnny Manziel loves it!!

The QB hit the beach in Miami for a little fun in the sun with his fiancee, Bre Tiesi — who turned heads in a tiny electric green bikini … and it was gooood. 

Manziel has been training his face off for his football comeback — recently doing sand drills with his former Cleveland Browns teammate, Joe Haden

Of course, Bre looks amazing … but Johnny looks great, too — putting back some of the muscle he had lost when he was partying his way out of the NFL. 

Looks like he’s taking his comeback seriously — but seriously, Bre Tiesi for the win. 

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