Johnny Manziel's Pro Day Receivers Thankful for Extra Exposure

U. of San Diego WRs:

Manziel Helped Our Exposure Big Time!!

3/23/2018 12:50 PM PDT


The guys NOT named Johnny Manziel at the U. of San Diego’s pro day are super stoked about the national exposure that came with their workouts yesterday … and they’re hoping it pays off at the draft.

TMZ Sports spoke with tight end Ross Dwelly and receiver Justin Priest — the 2 guys Manziel threw bombs to all Thursday — and they say the ex-Browns star’s NFL caliber throwing was a HUGE bonus for them to show off their own skills.

The guys say they’ve been working with Johnny a lot over the past month … and say they’ve seen firsthand how seriously he’s taking his comeback.

There’s more … Dwelly and Priest tell us what they can bring to the table at the next level.

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