Laird Hamilton Says Menstruating Women Cause Shark Attacks (VIDEO)

Laird Hamilton

Sharks Sniff Out Women On Periods

(Science Be Damned)

5/24/2017 12:33 PM PDT


Surfing legend Laird Hamilton has some simple, and possibly controversial, shark advice — if you’re a woman and you’re on your period, stay outta the water … ’cause you’re gonna get bit.

We got Laird in Malibu, naturally, and asked him about the rash of shark sightings on SoCal beaches lately. He downplayed the danger … well, unless you’re a woman.

Look, Laird’s like the closest thing to a real-life Aquaman — it’s rare to catch him on land — so he qualifies as an expert on water activities. He also did NOT seem to be kidding about these tips for avoiding sharks.

That being said … we can’t find any scientific studies to back up some of what he’s saying here. So, you might wanna take it with a grain of sea salt.

On the other hand …

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