Logan Paul and KSI Have Heated Exchange at L.A. Nightclub

Logan Paul

Heated Exchange With KSI

… at L.A. Nightclub

6/14/2018 1:32 PM PDT

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Logan Paul and KSI just couldn’t wait ’til this weekend to start letting the insults fly … getting right in each other’s faces at an L.A. nightclub Wednesday night.

The YouTube superstars will go after each other at a major news conference this Saturday at the L.A. Coliseum to promote their super fight in Manchester on August 25 … but gave a preview of their smack talk when they ran into each other last night.

Some of the highlights … (warning, there’s a LOT of “bro” going on)

Logan: “Your head is the size of a watermelon. I really can’t miss. I literally can’t miss. Dawg, your head looks like a hot air balloon. I can’t miss it.”

KSI: “Just wait ’til Saturday bro. Saturday bro. Saturday bro. Your mom’s going get it, your daddy’s going get it.”

Logan: “I can literally smell your bandana. It smells horrible. No one’s laughing at your jokes.”

KSI: “I can’t wait to hear your heckling when you gotta shave your head bro. Trust me.”

Logan: “I hear crickets, bro. That wasn’t funny. You’re not funny, you can’t box.”

Logan: “Look up to me, bro! Look up to me! Yeah, bro. Take a swing at me on the 25! August 25. August 25.”

But really though … August 25. Yes. 

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