Lonzo Ball Buys LaVar $350K Rolls Royce For Xmas

Lonzo Ball

Cops $350K Xmas Ride

… For LaVar & Mom

12/26/2017 6:29 AM PST

Lonzo Ball just won Christmas … going full Big Baller style, copping a $350k Rolls Royce for his dad LaVar and his mom Tina¬†… and their first ride was caught on video.

Ball unveiled the new ride on his social media, with the hashtag #itstheleastIcando, although something tells us he knows he’s doing the most.

Of course the Ball’s aren’t strangers to fancy cars — all the boys push Lamborghini’s — but we’re guessing Lonzo felt it was time his dad got in on the act as well.

We had our office car experts check the ride out, and it looks to be a Rolls-Royce Dawn which retails at around $350K … good use of Lonzo’s $6 million salary from the Lakers this year.

Hope your parents enjoyed the sweaters you got them.

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