Luke Walton Is A Beast At Beach Volleyball, Seriously

Luke Walton

Killin’ It At Beach Volleyball

(He’s Seriously Good)

5/4/2018 9:33 AM PDT

If you need a reminder that Lakers coach Luke Walton was once one of the best athletes on the planet … we have video of him KILLING it at beach volleyball.

The video was posted by pro volleyball players the McKibbin Brothers, and shows Walton holding his own on a court with AVP pros Casey Patterson, Sean Rosenthal, Stafford Slick and Chase Budinger.

Walton is blockin’, spikin’, and settin’ like one of the pros … using his 6’8″ frame to dominate out there on the sand, and we’re being serious … THE DUDE CAN REALLY PLAY.

Good for you, Luke … keep those options open if the Lakers never wake up. 

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