Minister Louis Farrakhan — I Stand With Colin Kaepernick … 'Deeply Grateful' For Flag Protest

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0830-farrakhan-colin-kaepernick-GETTY-01Minister Louis Farrakhan says he — and the entire Nation Of Islam — are 100% behind Colin Kaepernick … praising the QB’s American flag protest as a “courageous stand.”

Farrakhan released a statement via his Facebook page in which he thanked Kaep for taking a stand, and lauded his courage in the face of intense criticism.

“Courage is one of the great characteristics of great men and women. And at the root of courage is love for the principle that is bigger than our lives, bigger than our nation … This nation would not be what it is had there not been men and women who were willing to suffer to bring about meaningful change that moved a people, a nation and a world toward the realization of some eternal principle.”

Farrakhan went on to pledge his unyielding support … and even took a shot at the National Anthem itself. 

“I stand with you. We in the Nation of Islam stand with you. And I’m asking all right thinking Black people, Brown people, and White people to stand with you to force the change that Mr. Trump and Mrs. Clinton are talking; but it will never happen until the people are sick and tired of injustice and summon the courage to stand to make a difference.”

“Your stand has unearthed things about Francis Scott Key and the writing of the lyrics of the Star-Spangled Banner, that would make any person of right thinking and right mind cringe at what was in the mind of the man that wrote the words of the Star-Spangled Banner.”

TMZ Sports has reached out to other groups such as the National Action Network and NAACP for reaction to the Kaepernick controversy … but have yet to receive comment.

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