MMA Star Phil Davis — Cody Garbrandt Is DEAD MEAT … Dominick Cruz Will Thrash Him (VIDEO)

12/30/2016 12:45 AM PST


Warning to Cody Garbrandt … YOU HAVE AN ASS KICKING COMING … at least that’s what MMA star Phil Davis thinks … telling TMZ Sports his training partner, Dominick Cruz, is gonna slap Cody around.

Garbrandt and Cruz are set to face off at UFC 207 … and the two men have been throwing verbal darts at each other since the bout was announced … calling each other every name in the book.

We got Davis out at LAX, and the Bellator star delivers bad news to Team Garbrandt … saying Cody has a ZERO PERCENT chance to beat Cruz, who he says has been DOMINATING during training.

This fight is gonna be good.

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