NBA Star Myles Turner is Getting Jacked … To Stop LeBron??

NBA Star Myles Turner

Getting Jacked

… To Stop LeBron??

6/18/2018 1:52 PM PDT

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Here’s what it looks like when you’ve had enough of losing to LeBron James.

Indiana Pacers star Myles Turner — just weeks after losing another playoff series to LBJ and the Cavs — decided to go from skinny fat to shredded … and we gotta say, the results so far are impressive.

The almost 7-footer’s been hitting the weights the last five weeks … but he’s also been moving his big-ass frame around in boxing sparring sessions.

FYI … prior to Turner beefing up this summer — he weighed in at 255 pounds. LeBron — the guy who’s killed Turner and the Pacers’ playoff dreams the past two years — clocked in at 250 … at three inches shorter!

Of course … LeBron might be outta the East next year and away from the Pacers’ playoff path … but, just in case — happy bulking season!

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