NBA's Elfrid Payton Reveals New Look After Chopping Signature Haircut

NBA’s Elfrid Payton

Chops Off Signature Hair

… Reveals New Look

5/18/2018 7:58 AM PDT

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Phoenix Suns guard Elfrid Payton¬†looks like a completely different person now … ’cause the dude just chopped off his signature hairdo … and we really don’t know what to do anymore.

The NBA baller might be most known for his Weeknd-esque hairstyle … but that didn’t stop him for following in the R&B singer’s footsteps and parting ways with the beloved locks.

FYI — the 24-year-old’s barber teased last month that he might’ve done the deed … and now we have confirmation that it wasn’t a late April Fool’s joke.

While we’re mourning the loss of the locks … Suns fans are probably rejoicing … ’cause there have been several instances where his ‘do got in the way of his game … and many people have wanted him to get a new look for years.

Now we wait to see if it makes a real difference on the court … or if it was all for naught.

But seriously … pour one out for Elfrid’s hair.

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