NFL's Landon Collins to Racist Alabama Sorority Girl: I Can Help You

NFL’s Landon Collins

To Racist Sorority Girl:

I Can Help You

1/17/2018 5:56 PM PST


NY Giants safety Landon Collins wants to help the Alabama sorority girl at the center of a racist video scandal, telling TMZ Sports … he’d even take her to dinner to educate her.

The woman Collins is talking about is Harley Barber — who posted 2 disgusting video rants in which she spewed the n-word multiple times. To make it worse, she mocked Martin Luther King Jr. Day too.

Barber has since been expelled from the University of Alabama and kicked out of her sorority, Alpha Phi, but Collins tells us … he sees this as an opportunity to educate and inform her.

This issue hits close to home for Landon since he attended ‘Bama and played football there, and sent a message to his alma mater earlier Wednesday.

Talk about taking the high road …

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