Nick Young Gets Hypnotized, Proceeds to Make Out with Puppet

Nick Young

Makes Out with Puppet

… While Hypnotized

1/22/2018 8:55 AM PST

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Why was Nick Young kissing a puppet and grooving like Michael Jackson over the weekend? 

Don’t worry — it’s ’cause he was hypnotized … and there’s video!!

It all went down at the 30th birthday bash for Warriors teammate JaVale McGee … where Swaggy P got on stage and put under. Like, really under — dude was OUT. 

What happened next was Swaggy like you’ve never seen him before — putting the moves on a puppet during a slow dance … and crotch-grabbin’ and moon-walkin’ like MJ.

Of course, JaVale and the rest of the gang LOVED it. Guessing Nick’s not quite as pumped.

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