Nipsey Hussle Bros Down w/ James Harden, You're an L.A. Legend!

Nipsey Hussle

Bros Down w/ James Harden

… You’re an L.A. Legend!

2/16/2018 8:25 AM PST


You can tell James Harden was genuinely touched when Nipsey Hussle called him out in the middle of an L.A. street last night … and bragged about his success right to our cameras. 

Hussle is an L.A. native — loves the city — and couldn’t be more proud that Harden grew up here too. 

In fact, Hussle called out one of the schools Harden attended growing up — Audubon Middle School — which is located in the Crenshaw District, near several businesses Hussle owns. 

“The n**ga that broke the NBA records for the highest motherf**king contract ever went to Audubon,” Hussle says proudly!

Hussle is referring to the $228 million deal Harden signed in 2017, the highest ever at the time. 

The video is just cool to watch … 

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