Odin Lloyd's Mom Moving Forward With Aaron Hernandez Lawsuit

Odin Lloyd’s Mom

Moving Forward With Aaron Hernandez Lawsuit

4/19/2017 12:19 PM PDT


Odin Lloyd‘s mom is going forward with her wrongful death lawsuit against Aaron Hernandez … even though her case may have just gotten much more difficult. 

As we previously reported, Aaron’s death complicates things because his conviction in Lloyd’s 2013 murder will essentially be wiped out thanks to an obscure Massachusetts law.

The conviction would have made Lloyd’s case a slam dunk — but now, with the conviction gone, Lloyd’s estate will have to independently prove Hernandez was responsible for Odin’s death.

We spoke with attorney Douglas Sheff, who represents Lloyd’s mother — and he says they’re still laser-focused on continuing the lawsuit against Hernandez.

Sheff says they strongly believe they will win — with or without the conviction on record.

As for how Lloyd family is reacting to Hernandez’s death — we’re told Ursula Ward is “accepting” of the situation and believes everything happens for a reason.

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