Rampage Jackson to Keaton Jones: World's Gone Soft, Kick Your Bullies' Asses!

Rampage to Keaton Jones

World’s Gone Soft …

Kick Your Bullies’ Asses!

12/14/2017 2:08 PM PST


If Keaton Jones REALLY wants to get bullies off his back, Rampage Jackson says there’s only one way he can get the job done.

“I would kick somebody’s ass!” Rampage told TMZ Sports. “You fight — you go down swingin’ — they ain’t gonna kill you, most likely.”

The MMA star says the world’s getting waaay too soft when it comes to bullying … and throwing hands accomplishes something words never could.

“You get your respect and people won’t mess with you no more. Most people are cowards, anyway. Most bullies are cowards.”

And if Keaton needs to see how it’s done, Rampage is scrappin’ with Chael Sonnen¬†at Bellator 192 in January.

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